Sunday, December 4, 2011

on being 28.

i meant to post this a while back, but tomorrow became 4 days, 9 days and now, 2 weeks later... but here it is: a recount of experiences at age 28.
this past year was more than i could've imagined, most of it, normals of daily life-living sprinkled with bursts of inspiration and the deepest heart stirrings this girl could've asked for.

in some sort of liz-brain logical order…these are the things i want to remember about year 28.
  • started noticing a lot more white hairs. stopped pulling them out (except on days i feel ocd), and haven't managed to fully accept them yet. :\
  • i joined a dance troupe. learning choreography kicks my ass --hard, but it feels great to be challenged in a new way
  • backpacked in the sierras for 7 gloriously hard days; i learned to receive help.
  • became a vegetarian
  • nine months later, began an intense love affair with all sorts of meat. (funny how things work out.)
  • had the most intense creative flow that kept me up for 36 hours
  • shared my soul at TEDActive
  • met a magnetically charming man
  • had a profoundly sad ending with that magnetically charming man
  • met a couple, on a boat, on the way to a desert island in puerto rico; spent a few unforgettable days with them eating the whitey-white bread, canned squeeze cheese, and faux spray butter sandwiches and skinny dipping under the moon
  • my dad was diagnosed with 4 life threatening aneurysms. he decided not to get surgery. he's still alive.
  • 2nd year of a new tradition of barrel tasting in sonoma
  • 2nd year of a new tradition of volunteering at western states
  • a dream comes true: private show with gregory alan isakov
  • yosemite. that last look.
  • had my first official break up with a friend
  • a joy parade in east palo alto, inspired by bob goff
  • raced in the inaugural born to run ultra; ran 10 miles
  • beloved point reyes with old friends - steph, seiwei, jeff, nathan
  • 7 days in my beloved state, montana
  • 3 of 4 weekends, spent bike camping
  • crossfit skeptic turned evangelist
  • battled injury after injury; running came to a significant halt
  • grew a wart; burned off the wart
  • annette births abby joy.
  • spontaneous road trip to arcata, ca in a sub24o trip
  • joined a small group at my church, to experience deeper community
  • had my first (and probably last) experience of harbin hot springs
  • finally went to ashland, oregon: one of my heart's callings
  • finally went to chicago, illinois: another one of my heart's callings
  • finally went to santa barbara: one of my local destinations this year, to visit yon
  • made a lot of new friends: emily, jenny, mary, lisa, billy, matt, samuel, kristen, jen, cole, janet, isaac...
  • started the gratitude jar and it's shown me that i am most frequently grateful for people
  • gave a commencement speech at art institute sf
  • started dreaming up how/when i can do BOSS 28-day survival school
  • started dreaming about how/when/where i might be able to bike tour for an extended time
  • allowed my heart to get stirred by someone i only experienced through the typed letters on my screen. which made meeting in person, extraordinary.
  • i cried in front of my boss
  • applied for the amazing race with that same boss; got rejected; and did it again, but better.


  1. I love this and YOU! you are filthy rich. ; )

  2. A year well lived! As I was sitting in my bubble bath at 1:30am afer ringing in the new year I realized that I was grateful for all the good, but also the challenges and hard parts of 2011...because the hard parts also bear gifts. Gifts of patience, of diligence, of fogiveness and of grace. Best to you in 2012!

  3. tracyb, indeed. lots of love you to you as well. xo


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