Tuesday, April 12, 2011

puerto rico | culebra in tiles

after about 3.5 days in the condado area of puerto rico, i headed east to a small town, desert island called culebra. my adventure started as soon as i called for a cab.

1. isabella (van driver) hands me this lil box of chiclets. i say, "is this for my breath?" and she says, "no, it's for your nerves." we both laughed awkwardly out loud. (the mango was a gift from a vendor outside of the port because i told her i love fruit.)
2. i missed the ferry to culebra by about 3 minutes. they were sailing away as i was buying my ticket. (that's why isabella gave me the chiclets....because we were really late.) so i waited at the port for 4 hours for the next one.
3. met paola & luismi on the top floor on ferry ride over and decided to camp together. (they had never made a fire...it was a blazer!)
4. the next morning, i got to see everything in the light. speechless.
5. yeah, seriously.
6. we rented bikes from dick and roamed the entire island underneath a fierce sun.
7. and jumped in the water when we felt like it.
8. my favorite tree on the island. it made music with every breeze.
9. wild cotton.
10. roots.
11. the way to zoni beach was much longer than we anticipated, but we managed to have fun. my dream of a bathing in pina colada kept me going.
12. zoni beach has it's own 'wilson'
13. spontaneity. openness. trying everything.
14. happy toes.
15. contrast.
16. p&l said i must try alcapurria. so on the drive back from fajardo to san juan, we stopped by roadside food stalls and inhaled these deep fried heavenly goodness. i ate two, and we managed to finish off two already opened bottles of hot sauce.

{ . }
run a lil late. miss the boat.
a long time...
fall asleep,
order the canned mushrooms on your pizza slice.
scribble all those thoughts down.
look around. look around again.
give access to your soul by way of your eyes.
say hello.
because less than 24 hours later, you might just wonder how life could be the same without having smiled and uttered that simple greeting.
everything that happened on that island was a serendipitous gift.
...magic in the making.


  1. I have just discovered your beautiful blog - and in the simplest way I can put it without rambling for hours - its gives me goose bumps - thank you a million times x

  2. Hey Liz, it looks like you had a lot of fun after the wedding, beautiful pics!


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