Wednesday, July 11, 2012

how to become a barn mate.

ok, not just any barn mate, my barn mate! 

step 1. look at the photos below & notice if your heart starts beating a little faster
step 2. read about who you'd be living with and the type of person we're looking for
step 3. learn about more tidbits about life at the farm
step 4. fill out a questionnaire

step 1. look at the photos below & notice if your heart starts beating a little faster
it's a pretty big space that we call the suite. there are two separate rooms connected by a door. we've turned it into a bedroom and living area, but you should feel free to reimagine it and make it your home. (plus, if you need a furnished place...then even better because it's already furnished.) 

amenities include: 2 rooms (each 10x20), private bath with shower stall, washer & dryer, utilities included, access to beautiful garden, only 5 miles from stanford campus.

there's a door that leads directly to the back garden.
shared kitchen (it's separate from the suite, and you get to it by walking through the main barn area)

step 2. read about who you'd be living with and who we're looking for

who we are:
  • one family (mom, dad, son-10yo, daughter-5yo)
  • one gal (working professional)
  • a mini farm (we call it the garden street farm)
  • ~8 feral cats
  • 12 chickens (11 hens and one lucky rooster)
who i am:
you can read through my blog and get a pretty good sense of me. but the headline is that i'm a fun, 20-something, quirky+particular, active, creative free spirit. i have about 16 bedside books that wait patiently for me to finish them and am curious about everything. i'm a designer at a non-profit by day, a photographer most of the time, and an adventurer at all times.

who you are:
  • interested in living in a spiritual community
  • is a gal herself (that means, women only)
  • likes being around young children (10 and 5 years old)
  • enjoys fruit (apricots, plums, cherries, blueberries, rasberries, apples), vegetables, plants, cats, chickens (13), bees, and a prolific garden
  • wants to get involved in gardening and farm maintenance
  • doesn't mind fresh eggs
  • can go with the flow
  • lives an active and healthy lifestyle (don't mind the lucky charms cereal box in the earlier photo. oops. how'd that get there?!)
  • emotionally stable, honest, able to communicate clearly, keep things real
  • okay sharing a kitchen/dining area
  • able to pay $1200/month $900/month new amount!
  • looking for a longer-term, stable housing situation. (i.e. we're not looking for someone who's in transition.) we'd love for you to become a part of our lives, and for us to become a part of your life. 
step 3. read more snippets about life at the farm
here, here, & hereand this is how i felt when i first moved in

step 4. fill out a questionnaire

look forward to hearing from you. we can't wait to find an awesome new barn/community mate!

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