Monday, October 26, 2009

how i saw this space today.

sometimes i lose a sense of appreciation for this property because i live in it.
youknowwhatimean? it's like most things in life that we take for granted.

but every so often, the conditions are just perfect: the light is right, the elements are in place, there's a sense of calm and a slowing down of time (or for some ... perfect conditions mean it's wednesday night). i had one of those moments at the farm this past june.

this past sunday felt more generative than usual. i felt it bubbling inside: ideas. warmth. generosity. love. creativity. :: .a general openness to life. to people. to inspiration. to courageous experiments.

and this is how i saw the space that day.

.fall harvest of green apples.

.the lavender's fragrance is intoxicating.

.they work so hard.

.the half moon is what caught my eye.

ian & georgia mae.
a delight, no doubt. (+2 of the kitties that roam around, reminding me to stay curious and playful.)


  1. I felt it too. An expansive time. You see the world so beautifully.

  2. liz, your photos consistently grow in richness and depth. it's...profound.

  3. aw, those kids and kitties are so cute.


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