Wednesday, July 20, 2011

gratitude jar.

i started something new. it's called a gratitude jar and it was inspired by my friend gyu-hee who's updating her facebook status everyday with something she's thankful for that day. i want to do the same thing, except with pen & paper.

1. i found these two glass jars in a consignment store in montana and want to put it to better use than to make my place seem more cute & rustic.
2. i want to increase joy in my life (and gratitude & joy are intimately linked).
3. i'd like to invite my friends who come visit to practice this too. 

in a year, i should have a jar full of gratitude and hopefully a more joy-full spirit. 

perhaps you can try it too! all you need is a few pieces of paper (cut up into small pieces), a pen, something to hold those two things, and a jar to place the notes in. easy. 

here's to more joy!


  1. What a good idea Liz! Perfect.

  2. this is pure perfection! genius. going to start doing!

  3. Really smart to have the blank notes and a pen right there! Having just learned about the idea, I was looking for more examples and yours was the first to display the "supplies" jar alongside. And a lovely photo, too ;-)


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