Sunday, July 17, 2011

the amazing race | the submission

one of my goals this year was to apply for the amazing race. hahahahaahah. (that was a genuine laugh, in case you were wondering if it was real.) i'm laughing because this goal is pretty stankin' random, and i don't think i would've thought of it if i didn't have some special people in my life i could imagine doing it with. i'm feeling like a lucky girl right now. 

when i mentioned it to my boss richard earlier this year, we both realized quickly that we should apply together. well, the deadline for the application sprung up on us two days before it was due (july 15), so we scrambled to put something together. for a moment, i was worried that we wouldn't be able to meet up to make a video because richard was in montana, but we coordinated meeting up at sfo on deadline day (without a panda suit, sorry).

so here's everything we submitted for season 20 of the amazing race: (my photo, his photo, our photo, a 70 word bio, and a 3-minute video)

team bio: Richard is Liz's boss. They’re a dynamic duo defined by good communication, brilliant brainstorming, and serious fun. A once polite, professional relationship has grown into authentic friendship. Still, Richard gets micromanagy under stress, and Liz is queen of at-the-deadline delivery. They’re sometimes prone to "magical thinking" and are working on being more practical. They share a passion for travel, adventure, and courageous experimentation. They try, fail, and get back up!

team video:

if we don't hear back by august 15th, then it means we didn't make the first cut. call me optimistic, but i think we have a really good chance because i'm pretty sure the show has never had a boss/employee team of color, and definitely not one who have won. we're a unique blend.  just sayin.  ;-) 


  1. How adorable are you guys together?! I will be *shocked* if you don't get a spot on the show. This is so exciting!!

  2. Love it and love you! You got this in the bag!! You are such a beautiful person and I am honored to know you :-)

  3. thanks ladies!!! we're feeling really excited about the possibility of being on the show. REALLY hoping they call us back for the next round!

  4. oh my, i seriously hope you guys make, what a great team! love love love amazing race and will be super excited to watch you win! ;)


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