Tuesday, November 27, 2007


no, not my boss at work.
BOSS -- Boulder Outdoor Survival School (and that's boulder, utah - not colorado). An old colleague and friend told me about her experience at BOSS' 28-day field course, summer of 2006. I remember being moved to tears when she described the intimate connection she had with her teammates and to a sheep that they would take the life of that night. That's right -- slaughter. I was fascinated and thrilled as I lived vicariously through her stories.It was how she felt transformed in who she thought she was, yet affirmed in what she knew to be true, and how much she was able to connect with herself, nature, and to the creator, that captured me. I fell in love with a program/an experience/an agent of change and thought..."i'm going to go summer 2008."
And now, I have that option. To spend 28 days in the wilderness of boulder, roaming
around, hiking 15-30miles/day, foraging for food, feeling deprived, getting to know people that have the same mission, letting my hairs grow longer than i like, ... the list is long. No modern technologies - just straight life in nature, making it as real as it can get.


(pictures taken from boss website)

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