Sunday, May 1, 2011


i feel acutely aware of my desire to be in nature when my soul feels parched.
i reached that point this past week. 
running on adrenaline, body exhausted, mind scattered, heart uncertain...

it was necessary to be surrounded by a multitude of trees and masses i can only stare at in awe, 
a place where words no longer work and efficiency is nil,
where nature makes its power known not by record-sized raging waterfalls, 
but by the gentle landing of a million particles of mist over my entirety. 
where time seems infinite in past, present, and future.
and i can be in all those spaces at once.
it is a healing place,
& one i'm grateful to share.


  1. Beautiful photos. The peace that abounds is breath taking and lovely. I hope you found some for yourself and appreciate your sharing.


  2. Liz. These are breathtaking. Your life inspires & ignites my dreams. Barn living & nature exploring. Le sigh

  3. I know exactly what you mean. Sometimes only nature's granduer will revive you. Here in southern England we're not really blessed with anything on this scale but local woods and blustery coasts fill the need and always suprise. I was in my favorite local woodland recently, sketching, and came face to face with two wolves. They turned out to be wolf alsatian crosses when I got talking to the owners but for a moment I felt a sense of the real wildness of the land.


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