Monday, May 2, 2011

a poem about poetry.

i read this poem by wendell berry on my friend's blog and resonated with the stillness of it. 

Make a place to sit down.   
Sit down. Be quiet.   
You must depend upon   
affection, reading, knowledge,   
skill—more of each   
than you have—inspiration,   
work, growing older, patience,   
for patience joins time   
to eternity. Any readers   
who like your poems,   
doubt their judgment.   
Breathe with unconditional breath   
the unconditioned air.   
Shun electric wire.   
Communicate slowly. Live   
a three-dimensioned life;   
stay away from screens.   
Stay away from anything   
that obscures the place it is in.   
There are no unsacred places;   
there are only sacred places   
and desecrated places.   
Accept what comes from silence.   
Make the best you can of it.   
Of the little words that come   
out of the silence, like prayers   
prayed back to the one who prays,   
make a poem that does not disturb   
the silence from which it came.


  1. C'est vrai...
    Le silence nourrit l'instant
    La magie des mots l'entoure
    Tel un Feutre doux
    Et la tranquilité paisible
    Renforce l'esprit,
    Ce qui est alors sacré : cette joie immense
    It is true...
    The silence feeds the moment
    The magic of the words surrounds it
    Such a soft Felt-tip
    And the peaceful tranquilité
    Strengthen the spirit,
    What is then crowned: this immense enjoyment

  2. adorei seu blog parabens,i loved your blog

  3. Nice poem. luv this line >>> Accept what comes from silence.
    Make the best you can of it.


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