Wednesday, July 27, 2011

montana | highlights, the visual version

i don't think i can use words to describe how i feel about these images. so here they are. beloved moments captured from my recent trip to montana - the second of many more...

flight from bozeman to ennis.

i just sat there and let susan push a plane with me in it.


the view wasn't too shabby.
walking home.

up close at home.

my room.


resting at the saddle. 

the high holy 4th of july parade in ennis

virginia city store.


o sweet jesus. this is one of my favorites.
virginia city post office.

candy making.


the making of a cake. german chocolate, to be exact

missed the fireworks, but got a bumpy ride instead.

thunderstorm + lightning.

breakfast in dell at calf-a.

red canyon road. yes please!

shop, set up.

prepared for the grizzlies. 

the sun rose.

we finally say hello.

by far, one of my favorites!

we watched everyday as she just sat there in all her majesty, drawing every good thing towards herself.


  1. These are all absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Wow, Liz. These are beautiful!

    I've been craving a visit since we left a year and a half ago.


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