Tuesday, July 26, 2011

montana | highlights, the written version

7/2: cantaloupe + yogurt + granola snack, the overlook at rattlesnake, update conversation on the couch, the outrage
7/3: looking back down the meadow on our hike up to the saddle, the exhilaration of crossing a snow covered roaring river
7/4: sheri's home + studio, pie delivery, textures textures textures all over virginia city, noticing all of the periods.
7/5: calf-a, flying over hidden lakes, capturing tears
7/6: morning conversation on the deck, turning left onto red canyon road, wildflowers wildflowers wildflowers, creation of the treasure map
7/7: the sun finally rising, thousands of drops of dew, sent and sent, making giddy pickles, smorkits, exchanging simple & full i love you's
7/8: sunrise, emails from susan & heather, wandering into altitude gallery, "it's like church bells to them [the bears]"

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