Wednesday, May 18, 2011

race report | born to run ultramarathon 10-miler

it was the first ever born to run ultramarathon. i signed up because i inhaled the book last year, and because it was the inaugural race. plus, i didn't want to miss out on running alongside caballo blanco (even though i felt a bit too shy to say hello. i did manage to squeeze out a smile). 

we camped at the east creek ranch in los olivos on friday, and woke up at 4:45am to some borderline obnoxious/delightful hill billy music. we got ready in the darkness, was greeted by a human chicken, took a ridiculously funny oath (to the effect of, "...if i die, it's my fucking fault"), and took off.

it was a surprisingly easy 10 miles. 
my heart was really really happy.

b/c of my current injury, my approach was to: stop when i need to (in case my plantar fasciitis flared up), take it easy, and simply enjoy running through this new space. no pressure. no care about time or pace. just space to be.

turns out, i finished the route and came in 1st female in my age range!

& for fun, here are my stats:
7th female
20/40 overall
1st female in 20-29 age group
total time of 1:41
*psst, there were only two of us in my category.

and of course, we camped and played along the way back home.


  1. I had to stop running when I damaged my knee and miss it more and more the older I get. This looks like an absolutely fabulous place to run though and well done on your result. More importantly well done on taking it easy.

  2. beautiful and inspiring as always. i am currently reading Born to Run, i'm not inhaling it as you. i'm not a natural runner but i've been trying since Jan. my first race (just a 5K) is on sunday and my left shin has been hurting me for the last 2 weeks. this post has given me some more motivation to keep on going. thanks.

  3. congratulations! i am again inspired. thank you.


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