Thursday, May 19, 2011

giving voice to...


i shot them,
and decorated them by giving them a white stroke and fancy little shadow.
and look what we've got here. 

meet, the garden street farm ladies.

pal-ing around and providing farm fresh eggs every day.
peter & nance would be happy to know these are happy chickens, with good friends.

these are to help me (and guests) keep track of who's who, and who's laying what.

guess which one is my favorite.
the person who guesses correctly wins some tbd deliciousness.


  1. I'm torn between Augusta and Temperance as your favourites. Me I like the Leghorn. Pearl's a singer. Just come back fro feeding chickens with my 2 year old son who loves the birds. So cute watching him play pied piper with his little bucket of feed and a dozen chickens behind him.

  2. easy. jane. what do i win? fresh eggs? eggs benedict? huevos rancheros? egg pasta? coq a vin?

  3. Hey Mr. Joh, back away! no coq au vin from the ladies only egg dishes! (only poules in this flock)
    That said, I'm going to share the Steve vote for Jane.

  4. My vote-- Temperance. I'll have to bring Jesse to see them. Pretty sure he'll love them.

  5. ahhh, so tricky. temperance or beatrice. first thought was temperance as i was scrolling from bottom up when deciding. always go with your first thought is what i've been told.

  6. oh, it's gotta be loretta! She's divine! (and yup -- i'm still inspired. thanks)

  7. I LOVE this post...lots. And I love Constance.

  8. So who's the winner?

  9. its got to be helena..."small things can be surprisingly loud."


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