Sunday, September 28, 2014

month 11.5: the sweetest thing

god i love you. 
my affections run deep and the laughter, even deeper. 

it's been a pretty busy month (and a half), and i'm finally taking a deep breath to soak you in. 

we jumped from missoula, to france, to ennis, to the tetons, back to missoula, and then a week of hosting my sister, two girls, and momma. PHEW! 

we went to jb & nino's wedding (OMG, THE BEST FRENCH WEDDING EVER); we spent time with paula and i got to meet your entire french family; we roamed around paris and ate our hearts out; came back to ennis and prepared for our teton crest backpacking trip with mary, then backpacked for five days in an icy-cold paradise that ended in a true white sandy beach paradise; popped back to missoula to do three days of intense apartment hunting and secure a beautiful new abode; you turned 30!!!; then immediately afterward, hosted my sister, mom, and two nieces for a week.

i witnessed your incredible patience, your deep affections for a little someone (ly-di-a!!!), your love for all things jane austen, your physical abilities to (rather easily) climb passes and jump into glacial lakes, your insightful reflections on our experiences and interactions between us and with others, and your ability to keep in touch with people (i didn't realize you were so good at that), and oooooh yeah....your love of the radish kimchi my mom made (it was absolutely delightful to see you eat your heart out with spicy fermented kimchi love). 

and at the end of all of this activity, i felt joyful and fulfilled to be simply right next to you, watching mansfield park (which was far worse than the uk version mini-series of pride & prejudice). haha.

you are my happy place. you are my safe space. you are my deep sigh of relief. 

you are the sweetest thing.
happy 11.5 months of marriage my love.

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