Monday, August 18, 2014

zero waste home adventures: 3 months strong

before we left on our bike tour this past may, we had a mad load of things to do that we waited to do until the last hours of the day. one of those things included a visit to the disposal site (aka: dump). 

you guys, with our zero waste efforts, we were able to go for THREE MONTHS without taking out our trash! originally, i was aiming to double our first feat of one month without taking out the trash, so going for three months was a pleasant surprise. our next challenge is to go six months without having to take out our waste! *gulp*

the dark mystery man pictured here is samuel. i told him to smile holding our bag of waste, late at night in the freezing cold (i think there were snow flurries earlier), before we had to drive one hour to bozeman where we'd sleep for a couple hours before heading to the airport. please remind me not to procrastinate next time. but huzzah for minimizing waste!

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