Tuesday, August 12, 2014

month 10: you are the best friend i didn't know to ask for

dear samuel, 

we were swarmed by mosquitoes, snow/slushy iced out of cedar lake, and scared by an adorable mouse (not we, me) when we arrived home.

we hosted six warm showers guests in a week, had dear friends over, i went on my first horse pack trip and you got your favorite: alone time. 

we flew to seattle and you officiated your first wedding for one of your best friends, took a train down to bend, then shasta, and finally to the bay for our first trip back together since we moved. and what a whirly trip of lots of amazing food and friends. it was incredibly stimulating and super fun to see you in so many different contexts. 

i loved experiencing you being your witty and hilarious self with people all along the way. i felt impressed by your level of inquiry and honesty as we interacted with friends. i was so proud of your leadership and excellent officiating skills at zack and sarah's wedding.

you are such a stud! do you know that?

i love being steeped in our exploration of the life we are creating together. you're my soul mate, my life partner, my lover, and the best friend i didn't know to ask for.

here's to our first ten months and a thousand fold.

all my love, 


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