Monday, September 12, 2011

high sierra trail | day 6 | crabtree meadow to guitar lake

today's mileage: 2.7 miles

we woke up when we woke up, ate a slow breakfast, lounged around, and then finally made our way to guitar lake. it was our recovery day before mount whitney, but i didn't feel recovered. the tiredness just sank in, and i realized today that the final day would be really really hard. 

this pic was inside my tent when i went back in for a mid-morning lounge around. (someone eerily watched from outside.)  o_O

about a mile in, i met scott & alisa (dad/daughter hikers) and we chatted for a lengthy period of time. it was lovely to meet new folks and to have an extended conversation. plus, when i offered alisa my what-i-now-considered-repulsive trail mix, she practically inhaled them. lol. it's amazing how other people's food looked SO much yummier then my own. she clearly concurred. ;-)


a few memorable moments from the lake:
  • getting to know scott & alisa over dinner. (they decided to camp with us that night and hike with us the next morning.)
  • sun setting into the mountain range.
  • dropping my camera on a rock --> cute boy from d.c. helped me get the jammed filter off the lens. hehe ;-)
  • looking at disbelief at the mountain we were going to climb at 4am in just a few short hours.

1 comment:

  1. Liz,

    Good luck on Whitney! I did the trail you are on now a couple of summers ago. Your post takes me back to such good times. Thank you for the beautiful pictures and good memories!


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