Thursday, June 9, 2011

inspiration | the decisive moment

french photographer henri cartier-bresson articulates the way he exists in the world in this video, in such a way that helps me understand myself better. he's the grandfather of what i love and therefore am part of his lineage. beautiful! 

my favorite quotes in the 18 minute piece:
"life is once, forever."
"it's a recognition of an order that's in front of you."
"photographs you can look at over and over. not many. not many."
"i stood in front of him for maybe an hour and a half in utter silence."
"there's no rule."
"it's an instinct."
"it's a question of awareness. everything in your body, rar. that's beautiful....for me it's a physical pleasure, photography."
"it doesn't take any brains, it takes sensitivity, finger, and two legs."
"i'm extremely impulsive. terribly. it's really a pain in the neck for my friends and family. i take advantage of that in photography."
"i never think. i act. quick."
"you have to forget yourself. you have to be yourself and you have to forget yourself."
"poetry is the essence of everything."
"there's no new ideas in the world."
"death is present everywhere"
"there are some places where the pulse beats more."
"places where i'm at all the time, i know too much and not enough. and to be lucid about it is the most difficult."
"your mind must be open. aware. aware."
"what is interesting is consistency. to keep on on on on."
"the's a way of shouting the way you feel"
"the can be a warm kiss. it can be a sketchbook, the camera."
"i enjoy shooting a picture, being present. it's a way of saying, 'yes yes yes!'"
"there's no maybe, all the maybes should go in the trash."
"it's the enjoyment of saying yes, even if it's something you hate. it's an affirmation. yes!"

i wonder what it would be like to live more instinctually... how might i practice that? perhaps saying, "yes yes yes!!" to what arises next. 

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