Wednesday, March 23, 2011

home make-over.

some of you might remember when i first moved in to the barn loft. i remember painting the green wall, and almost crying. not because the serpentine color is so rich, but because it was symbolic of settling down...of making home.

saturday morning, i woke up with so many thots. they swirled and swirled until i caught them all and made them sit down on a piece of paper (well, many pieces of paper). then, out of nowhere i had a vision for my space. i quickly drew out the new upstairs floor plan & schemed when i could rearrange everything.

later that afternoon, i told my friend about this idea over a 3pm lunch, and he said he would help me move right after we stopped by the good will. so...we scuffed the floors, pushed, pulled, and turned the loft into a space i feel like i can keep growing into.

with that... here's the simple home make-over : everything i own, shifted around.
please visit brooke's site missuloveu for some whimsical expressions of all things she loves. she (and her work) are a delight.

what i realized later was that it was no coincidence that my morning thoughts were intermingled with the vision for this space. this new layout symbolizes where i'm at in life: grounded & expansive. and that's exactly what i had been journaling about.


  1. what a breath of fresh air! nice set. what font is that you're using?

  2. lovely. would you like to redecorate our place?

  3. @matt - i'm using rockwell.
    @josh - your place is already great! whatcha talkin about? ;P

  4. So pretty! That whole space looks to exude both energy and calm. Isn't it wonderful to be so in love with where you live? Can't wait to see you in a week!

  5. man what a space! love that color. if i ever get my own place ill have to ask you about the details! love all that natural light. must be awesome to wake up to that and do work in.

  6. love what you've done to your place~!
    what a little pushing, pulling, and reshuffling can do...lovely~! =)


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