Tuesday, October 6, 2009


i'm going to take you on a tour of the barn loft (aka, home!).
mind you, it will always be in progress. (i learned that home improvement never really ends. it's just a matter of choosing to be content with what is.) although, whenever i sit in this space, i can't help but get inspired by fun creative ideas of what i might do next. (i'll take it as a good thing). hehe

anyway, scroll away...

this is when you first come through the front door.

*i'm planning on having that wall right in front, full of interesting hooks. this idea was partly inspired by
delfina in sf. by the restrooms, they had rows and rows of identical hooks, and i really really like them. my twist was to get unique ones and place them strategically, but still randomly all over the wall. i've only gotten 3 so far, but will keep my eye out for interesting hooks. if you find any, send me a link to it or just mail one to me. ;-)

the very very white bathroom.

*was going for clean clean clean.
*and actually, the paint is called loft living. (i liked the paint b/c of it's name. hehe)
the kitchen. i love being in here.

dining. the place where good eats and good conversation happen.

*this room was originally going to be my bedroom. i tried it out for a week....but that setup just felt wrong. the bummer was that i chose this light grey color b/c i was inspired by dooce and wanted to create something similar to her bedroom color palette. but i wouldn't have chosen that color if i knew it would serve as a dining area. o well. it is what it is for now.
*i'm also looking for inspiration for the large blank wall (not pictured) in here. i'm thinking a big art piece...but of what? and who will be the artist?

now, come up the stairs, and turn around to look back down.
*this is soon after the sun rose. stunning light, isn't it? i get that light in the am, and then a beautiful sunset on the other side in the pm.

the sleeping zone.

the working zone.

the communal zone.

and a wider view (day & night).
*the paint colors for the upstairs was inspired by Reposado, a restaurant in downtown palo alto that has a look & feel that i was really drawn to. i emailed the Ops. Director and asked what the paint colors were and willingly share them with me. how generous! the paint is from dunn-edwards and they are iron creek and serpentine.

so...what do you think?? would love to hear your reactions! ;-)



  1. i love it Liz it looks so cozy....thanks for sharing ;)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. gorgeous! i <3 lofts, and yours looks like a such a nice and cozy retreat. you should be featured on apartmenttherapy. i'm going to invite myself over one of these days to see for myself.

  4. when you posted the before shots I was dying to see the after shots. Yay! It's interesting to hear how you choose the different colors/feel for each room, that there's a story behind every choice. I think it's all very Liz, and like you, is a masterpiece in progress, unfolding in beauty and unexpected ways before our eyes.

  5. OMG!!! I LOVE YOUR PLACE!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! If i could find a place like that in LA... i would totally move in. GREAT JOB DUDE!!

  6. abso-effin-lutely gorgeous! what an utterly beautiful home.

    i want to live there too!

  7. it's gorgeous elizabeth, i love it and could spend hours there basking!

  8. holy cow, i just looked at this....this is amazing?! this aint no barn!!!!


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