Tuesday, October 6, 2009

they smiled at me, and i said hello.

i really like fresh cut flowers. beautiful simple ones, not of the generic variety. (although..some might say dahlias are generic.)

at the farmers' market on sunday, these dahlias smiled at me. i swear they did. so i brought them home. it was quite pleasant participating in a craft (flower arrangement) that i don't normally do.

the point that most captivated me most, came while looking at the cut stems (note: it was not the flowers, as one might expect). i was inspired by what would've become the "trash."

the stems looked really interesting after i cut off the actual blooms, so i just started playing around with the composition of the arrangement. i really like the results of the first one on the left, because of the playful leaves on the top.

then, i started cutting the rest of the stems to approximately the same length and then put them into the clear jar, to create a solid base in the clear jar. (2nd picture to the left). combining 3 dahlias with the stems in the mason jar felt simple and clean in a way that please my eye.

these little arrangements are sitting next to my desk, bathroom, and reading chair, so i can get the most enjoyment out of them before they need to get thrown into the compost. oooOo. you know what? i think i want to treat myself to fresh flowers like once a month.

but by all means, feel free to send flowers anytime. :)
i kid. kindasortanotreally.


  1. I think you should treat yourself to fresh flowers every time you go to the farmer's market!

  2. dalia's are not generic, they are great, super femme, bold, pretty colors. carnations are generic, dyed roses are generic.


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