Monday, October 5, 2009

in between....

the labor of love.

the manager at san jose dunn-edwards.
the several men at home depot who mixed gallons of paint.
the beautiful couple i met in sf who sold me their furniture.
the craft-y lady in oakland who sold me her bookshelf.
the avr who's loaning me a little side table.
the salesman family man who sold me his prized desk.
the generous lady in santa cruz with kind intentions.
the neighbor who sold me an old camera.
the other neighbor who gave me a crazy bargain on owls. bowls. & a shelf-y thing.
the colleague who lent me his paint supplies for all those nice edges.
the friend who spent 10 hours painting every edge and corner.
the friend's husband who carried lots of really heavy things up the stairs.

the list goes on.

i couldn't have made home w/o all these people. friends & strangers alike.


  1. aaaahhhh~!!!! is that rosie in your photo??? awww, i love you both. <3c


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