Friday, July 16, 2010

that moment.

when i can see someone for who they are.
when i can separate that person from all experiences prior.
when i can accept them completely for who they are in that moment.
when i believe in the incredible power that exists within them.
when i can love them as they are.

that moment has been happening a lot these days, particularly with my mom.

i see her with fresh eyes now.
tonight, while chatting with my mom, i listened to her tell me about all the food she's bought and prepared to take to san diego this weekend. she's visiting her beloved granddaughters and she's taking a feast with her. but as she went through dish by dish, fruit by fruit, what i heard weren't the descriptions. instead, what i saw was a mound of love get larger and larger. sure, sage and norah will get plenty of hugs and kisses, but it's the thought, time and money she spent on preparing that is the greatest gesture. she loves her beloveds with food & service. i finally get it. (and mom, it didn't take until the time that i became a mother myself!)

these past couple months, my mom's been my greatest inspiration.
in about 10 days, she's taking eight days to hike part of the john muir trail with some folks from her alpine group. 120 miles in the grand wilderness. can i just say, i am so proud of her and love her deeply! i admire my mom's determination, strength, sense of exploration, and for following her heart after she's given her whole life to raise and support us girls.

i love my mom.
i think we should say happy mother's day every day. : )

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