Saturday, July 17, 2010


since january, i stopped consuming gluten. (well, except for this one time i had a giant piece of the best-cake-ever at my sister's bridal shower.) i found out i was intolerant, and attributed my itchy eczema problem to gluten. i needed something to blame because my symptoms were becoming miserable.

well, the eczema came back, even with 6 months of a pretty drastic lifestyle change. it was disheartening. so i went to an allergist to find out what he thought of my problem.

what did i find out? that i'm likely not allergic....possibly intolerant....but it's inconclusive. as most trips to the doctor are, i left feeling unsatisfied with their cop-out answer.

so what did i do? two things: 1) decide in my head that my body is not going to be affected by food allergies anymore and 2) start consuming gluten again.

i had a sandwich the next day, because i was craving one for weeks!

& a few days later, i had a burrito. oh-my-gosh, it was so satisfying to bite into all that flour tortilla.

& this past friday, i had my very first gluten-full grocery trip. bread! pita! cereal!
holy smokes, it felt so good that i almost felt like i was sinning or something. ; )

what if we can decide something and it just happened?


  1. what if we can decide something and it just happened?

    i love this ... truly.

  2. have you looked into candida yeast overgrowth? i suppose getting an allergy test would be one of the best things to do though.


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