Sunday, July 18, 2010

we can do what we think we can not do.

it was ambitious.
& i suppose i didn't fully understand what i was getting myself into.

but with the information i had, i decided that i would do it.
so, i did. i ran about 25 miles on saturday.

it took me 7 hours to complete it. & i was in some remote places for a while ... alone.
what i had planned didn't turn out as expected. i thought it was a 23 mile route that would take me about 4.5 hours.
i had been ready for a long run, so that original idea didn't seem too bad.

i met a few nameless people along the way, got a good beating by the sun & hills, and saw the flora transform as i ran from space to space. it was a run i never imagined doing. but as i run more of these (as some of you might put it) "crazy" runs.....i become a stronger believer that we really can do what we might have once thought was impossible. we humans can indeed change. it is within us to do so.

this run was the hardest running challenge i've done to date. completely self-imposed. amazing. mind&heart-altering. i went through a roller coaster of emotions during the course that i'd love to share if you want to know; just ask. ; ) the totality of it was challengingly beautiful.

check out the route marked with some of my comments.

a few lessons learned:
  • pack more calories and water than you think you'll need, just in case.
  • eat more calories before energy loss and hunger sets in.
  • read what the sign actually says, not what i want it to say.
  • wrong turns can be fun, but can come at a cost that you'll have to pay for later when you're low/out of resources.
  • the sun will zap you of energy; take it easy and be kind to yourself if you're not running "faster than you could be."
  • keep reapplying sunblock, especially on the shoulders.
  • bring moleskin next time. blisters ain't fun.
  • get ready to have a nice shorts tan afterward.
  • if there is a body of water you can jump into, do not hesitate, just do it.
  • the glee soundtrack can be energizing! "...don't stop believing!..."
  • handkerchiefs are great for wiping sweat
  • it is ok to walk.
  • it is ok to stop and rest. in fact, sometimes it's vital!
  • follow your instincts.
  • take a more detailed map; it's worth the extra gram of paper weight.
  • headlands 50K's going to be rough; beware.
  • do it again.


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