Sunday, June 27, 2010

running update part i.5 of ii.

i found it.
it found me.
we found each other.

this is my first ultra that i'm going to run: headlands 50K

i've just entered into the space that caused my heart to beat just a little bit faster.

the schedule's pretty ambitious. i have two months to train.
i hope my legs are ready and they can hang in for the ride...

last week's mileage (~37.5 over two days) started showing some signs of the return of shin splints (ss), which was a bit disheartening. last year, i had a horrible case of the ss that took me out from running for a couple weeks while training for big sur marathon. but i had a longer time frame to work with so two weeks wasn't so bad. i think for this race, even one week of not running will come at some cost.

i feel a bit exposed now that i've said my goal on the internet because if it doesn't work out, i'll have disappointment to share. but, when i do finish the race, i hope to have an good story.

now, who's going to join me? ; )

1 comment:

  1. wow! this looks like a spectacular run. but -- "This course is exceptionally demanding for a first time 50k..." are you nuts?!?!


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