Sunday, January 3, 2010

an update on sage.

there are some of you that could be mistaken as sage's auntie because you profess a love & desire for her that even surprises me.

(well. . .. . don't get me wrong. i love it!)
so, this update is for all you obsessive sage fans. ;-)

on tuesday 12/29, i decided to drive down to sd to surprise gene/helen/sage. i packed a bag and cut some fruit to make the music-filled, reflective, drivereallyreallyfast, trek. after 8.5 hours (my longest drive to SD to date - shortest was 6-6.5 hrs), i ran from my car to surprise them as soon as they pulled up. they were really surprised, and so was sage. she didn't quite know what to do with herself.

any slumber she had experienced on the car ride home evaporated in nano seconds and suddenly she had all the energy to jabba-jabba-jabba, prance around, and give generous kisses. she stayed up much later than any 2.5 year old probably should.

sage has changed quite a bit over the last year or so. developmentally, she's stringing together thoughts, those thoughts now audibly make more sense, her vocabulary's growing, she "gets" things, remembers everyone's names (and dogs), she knows what to say to avoid spankings.... hahaha, she's quite clever and definitely cuter for it.


she still looks the exactly the same as she did a year ago! (ok, maybe not exactly, but soo similar.) same clothes, same hair (well, a little longer mullet now), same little feet, same same same.
lucky me (and you)....we get to enjoy her as this sweet little babe for a bit longer.
until, well.... she turns into one of us! ;-)

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