Sunday, January 10, 2010

for the love of family :: part ii

the second day of my parents' visit (dec 26), my mom insisted that we go an pick persimmons from my neighbor's yard. granted that i had never met them before, i was a bit reluctant to just romp on over there and ask them if i could pick the persimmons i had been drooling over this past winter. it seemed, well, a bit weird. (even for me...who will talk to just about anyone.)

lucky for me, this gave me the perfect reason to go. my parents were the ones who really wanted to pick the fruit, not me. i was just there to help facilitate the exchange. um. yeah. (insert echo here: yeah!)

i have to say, i thought i was an enthusiastic gal...but my mom is quite the energetic one. she looks really confident up on that ladder, but when asked, she expressed how scared she was to be on on the ladder. yet, she climbed up without any qualms and picked every good lookin persimmon her little arms could reach. we - i mean she - picked about 30 lbs...i'm sure of it.

meet alice. she lives on the property with her brother and mom.

the damage was done.

ps. all of the pictures here (except for the very first one) is straight out of the camera.


  1. Oh Liz...that last one makes my heart sing. The smiles on their faces are absolutely priceless and I am so drawn to their beautiful spirits. Priceless photos!

  2. i love these pictures of your family liz. looks like such a beautiful time.

  3. haha, love the whole thing! its cool reading about your mom and seeing an older (semi) version of you up in those trees.

    love the last picture! =) (and the first).

  4. the last photo is my favorite -- such joy in their faces...btw, how were the persimmons???? :)

  5. beautiful tilt work!

    it inspires me how i can see YOU in your imagery.


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