Sunday, February 22, 2009

baby love.

i like calling sage that. baby love.
she is such sweetness to my soul.

my heart's grateful for the people in my life who love her too. &i'm glad some of you got to meet sage.

i was reminded this weekend of how difficult it is to raise kids, and that it really does take a village. i'm particularly grateful for mary, who helped me put sage down/clean house/do dishes/entertain sage when my energy was almost zapped out; heatherk for the cool new green pokey ball that entertained sage at the airport today; and heatherf for loaning us a carseat and showing me that patience and love is key to get an obsessive toddler to give you back their current oject of desire (in sage's case... keys. aka "ghees").

enjoy these pics. i feel like they are so full of love.


  1. these are beautiful pictures - wow, i love the last one so much :)

  2. i love the middle picture. it seems so full of childhood possibility/fascination.


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