Monday, November 23, 2009


so, i guess it's official: i'm in my late 20s.
i wish i had some profound insight to share about turning 27. but, i don't.

all i have to say is that i finally feel like i'm getting older. three more years until i turn 30. i have a feeling it'll whizz by and before i know it....i'll be married with child. ha! uhhh... :\

i've been a little afraid to dream...BIG....but i get excited thinking about the unimaginables of what the next few years could hold.

anyway, just wanted to share some pictures from a little get together tonight. cake. fruit. beer. ice cream. & good company. (we ate a communal cake tonight :: forks straight in and straight back out into our mouths. then repeat. i liked it & you should try it.)

thank you friends.

ps. i'm back from kauai and have much to share as it unfolds.

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