Wednesday, November 4, 2009

i'm going away.

off to a long-awaited adventure.

kauai has been beckoning me this year, in the most subtle & boldest of ways.

to come & see beauty.
to play.
to rest & sleep.
to exhaust my body.
to connect with the earth.
to be inspired.
to cathart.
& ... . .. .to be loved.

and i've answered its call.

so, i'm leaving find home again.

it's inexplicable & mysterious.
and i've been moved to tears as i prepare for this trip.
b/c i sense something very beautiful is near.

if you remember :: i would appreciate your thoughts & prayers for this trip.
i sense it will be sacred in so many ways.

& my heart doesn't know how else to respond but with the shedding of humbled tears.

& for those curious folks (b/c i am too) ::
some of what i'll be doing is :: working on a co-op farm, surfing, romping around,
backpacking in the na pali coast, eating a lot of fruit, reading forgotten books, capturing moments, & living inspired. (go figure).

i'll be back to the farm on nov.19, a few days before i ring in the 27. :)


  1. yay yay yay.

    traveling mercies dearie.

  2. So excited to hear what God has in store for you in Kauai. Check out the Polynesia Cafe in the Ching Young Village Shopping Center in Hanalei. Yummy food! And say hello to Hideaways beach for us, my favorite on the north shore.


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