Tuesday, November 24, 2009

kauai 2009 :: look again.

things are never as they seem at first glance.
people are never as they seem at first glance.

try taking another angle. look above .. look below .. look sideways .. cross your eyes and stare .. look away .. then look again.

what if we tried this with the people around us. what if we tried our very very best to love & accept the person standing in front you? what would we find?

a courageous story?

all of these things, yes. but perhaps it's not so much about what we find out about them, but how we are transformed by the process of getting to know a fellow human. when we are curious & open...our hearts awaken, our fears dissipate, our light shines forth & we grow into the being we were created to be.

thriving transplants.
picture taken at farm in kapa'a

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