Tuesday, November 24, 2009

kauai 2009 :: it begins like this.

11.4.09 i land in lihue on the island of kauai & geo picks me up in his truck, loaded with a warm welcome to the island. we head to his farm where i plan to wwoof for 8 days.

the farm at night is a pure darkness coupled with moonlit fields & a starstruck sky.

i met john, cory, & weston :: fellow travelers and journey(wo)men.

i slept in an airstream because the goat shed was just a little too much.
used an outdoor toilet and outdoor communal shower.
got over 100 mosquito bites in 2 days. (at least 50 of them on my right leg alone.)
sanded all the rust off a truck bed railing thingamabopper & painted it.
helped rebuild (i.e. re-tarp) the outdoor community kitchen.
ate my introductory local avocado (or avo) that first night. it was heaven.
planted the seeds of a multitude of vegetables.
learned about cory's nomadic life and where she found/made home amid homelessness.

weston played his didgeridoo for me and i found myself completely entranced.

i left after 3 days b/c i could not live in peace with the mosquitoes. i did not want to serve up my body again for their nightly feast. as soon as i got over my mental barrier that i was not a wuss for leaving,
i got out of there in a hurry!

this was indeed an adventurous introduction to kauai.

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