Friday, September 11, 2009


a year ago, my life changed.
(no, i'm not being dramatic)
it really did.

i took a big risk. ... .i followed my heart and went to a workshop in the desert.
i walked a mile before the sun came up, to catch a train, to catch a plane and to make my way to arizona.

i stayed here & got sweet notes to help me rest.
& met strangers who love life.

& opened my heart.

& had my heart opened.

& learned about myself.

& learned about love.
& saw the clarity of the landscape of my heart in the landscape of the desert.

& made new friends, like Don (even if just for a plane ride).

Let's remember past discoveries and what those moments unearthed.
Let's revisit the things that are good and let those things shape who we are becoming.

thank you all of those that i met one year ago. you know who you are. i am forever grateful for your presence in my life...even if it's mostly through tweets. i hope our lives intersect and that one day, we might sit in the love bubble together again. ;) hehe


  1. aw, liz. i love this. happy anniversary :)

  2. what a beautiful remembrance! We've all been talking over the past few days about that magical time..... so glad to have you in my life, lovely Liz! xoxo


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