Sunday, September 14, 2008


the workshop was more than i could have expected.
the people i met live love; they inspired me to the core.
...and the beauty of the desert was astounding.

i'm still ruminating. and "recovering" from the bounty of love i experienced. the love and discussions were undoubtedly overwhelming at times; but the intertwining of hearts is a beautiful thing and am blessed to have had experienced that with the people i did.

all of the presenters left their imprint on a part of my heart.
jesh de rox, tamara lackey, charlie engle, amy seeley, rassouli, sherrie dillard

thank you to all that i met during this transformative week.


  1. liz song, you are a gem . your beautiful spirit oozes out of you & i'm so so glad we met . much love to you ... i'm sure i'll meet you again along the left coast someday soon .

  2. totally jealous. awesome that you had so much fun!


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