Wednesday, January 7, 2009

i fell

in love with sage even more during this past trip to San Diego. i spent 7 days and 6 nights with my sister, gene, and niece -- my longest stint ever!

even with all of the packing, moving, unpacking, dishes, folding, changing, bathing, and whining of the little one... it was worth every single moment. i mean c'mon....parents almost never get a break. so why not serve as much as i can while i'm with them?

sage is growing so much each day, and the rate at which she "gets" things is remarkable. i'm amazed by her ability to point out animals, remember who i am, show affection, eat like an adult (quantity-wise), be calm, and to love.

i wish i were hugging her right now... smelling her fragrant head and biting her cheeky cheeks (the ones further south).


  1. She's got the most expressive little eyebrows I've ever seen.

  2. dude that last photo is like Rat-pack-esque. It's sort of smug, but that's not quite it.

    Gawd she's cute.


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