Tuesday, January 6, 2009

a gentle revolution is here.

this blog is shifting.

i hope to make it richer in it's focus. reflect the ongoings of life around me. be a source of ideas and inspiration....in a new-&-old sort of way. & lastly, that it could become a place where WE, yes! you-and-i-and-you-and-you-and-yes-you!, interact and bounce ideas and share!

the values listed below reflect some of what's been stirring inside of me for years, but even more acutely in the last several months. most recently, i've been inspired by shane claiborne's book irresistible revolution. i highly recommend giving it a read...and thoughtfully acting on it.

be open.
live simply.
give generously.

love sacrificially.
pursue holistic health.
*new *
practice transparency.
imaginatively disarm evil.

do something unexpected. (everyday!)

in 2009, i'm going to focus my blog posts on how i want to and actually do live out these values.
it'll be a dynamic process, and i'm excited to share this journey with you as well as learn from and be inspired by you.

(and don't worry....i still plan to incorporate photography)


1 comment:

  1. What lovely thoughts. My resolutions are similar. especially the idea of "living simply" Thanks for sharing... :)


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