Thursday, January 8, 2009

i have a new

it's red.
it's beautiful.
it was born in the same decade that i was.
it's just as spunky as it's new owner.

it's name and picture will be revealed this weekend.
(as soon as i choose a name and take a picture). how i feel.
b/c this bike, my friends, is my first bike purchase ever &it's going to become my main source of transportation. it's part of this new thing i'm starting this year. .. . . . (so much to tell!)

&to those that know me....
i decided to start wearing a helmet. *gasp...yes, really*

honestly, i hate wearing them because i feel like a BIG DORK & b/c it makes me feel SO UNCOOL! *yeeaarrrh, seriously...* (feeling embarrassed that i just revealed that, but it's true).

but but but

even if it means dents in my hair and marks on my forehead, i guess i prefer to preserve this noggin'. i'm sure my co-workers will understand if i go to work looking a lil funny. (we're collectively pursuing health and well-being together! yeah, seriously! ....this is another story to tell!)

so there you have it. a little insecurity revealed and a new adventure to come!
to good health &new-old things.


  1. dude, you should ALWAYS wear a helmet! i thought you did last time i saw you ride your bike. but anyway, can't wait to see the new red bike! i'm imagining it to have a basket somewhere.

  2. brain damage is way worse than looking dorky. besides at the right angle dorky = cool. you just have to rock it like it's your own

    dude, my dad was in a bike accident when i was in Jr High... just went around a corner too fast and slipped and dislocated his shoulder. they EMTs said without his helmet (which cracked in half by the way) he could have died.

    So please... please, look dorky!

  3. dudet helmets are so cool. you just need an awesome looking one like a grio ionos. but it might be too expensive:

    i have a giro pneumo

  4. hello! a new bike - how exciting! that is one of my plans for 2009 also! i continue to love your photography and words and have placed you on my following list! thank you!


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