Friday, January 23, 2015

in remembrance of 2014.

last fall, i remember thinking..."oh my gosh, what did i do with this past year!?" it wasn't a a question of curiosity, it was a question stained with judgement about how i spent my time. so i responded by making a list of everything i experienced in 2014 and categorized them. (ahh, i love organization!)

but this list isn't about saying, "hey, look at me!" it's about reflecting on a full year and feeling deep gratitude. it's about remembering that although i had a lot of fun experiences, it was in the loneliness of living in rural montana that i began to truly treasure community. it's about looking back in order to shape how i move forward.

and wowwowwow, do i feel grateful!!

  • biked from canada to mexico with samuel
  • backpacking to cedar lake (montana)
  • backpacked the teton crest trail with mary and samuel (wyoming)
  • hiked all over the madison valley
  • summited sphinx mountain (montana)
  • road trip to banff & jasper national parks (canada)
  • jumping into glacially cold leigh lake (only for a moment, but a lifetime of cold)
  • horseback riding with mel (montana)
  • this extrovert having to navigate isolation! 
  • USA: el paso, texas
  • USA: all over western montana 
  • N.AMERICA: canada to mexico (bike)
  • USA: seattle > portland > bend > shasta > sf/bay (train)
  • FRANCE: la havre > fougeres > ile-aux-moines > paris
  • USA: jackson hole, wyoming
  • USA: catalina 
  • USA: la > san diego 
first time experiences
  • our first real winter
  • ice fishing
  • dog sledding
  • walked on a frozen lake
  • got our car stuck in snow in the middle of nowhere (and had to get rescued)
  • first snow-related car accident 
  • my coldest day ever at -29 degrees
  • my first log sawing competition
  • skiing at bridger bowl, whitefish resort, snowbowl, discovery ski
  • snowcoaching in yellowstone national park
  • shooting a handgun and a (serious looking) rifle
  • "helped" ranchers with cattle sorting (translation: i just tried to stay on my horse and not cause trouble.) 
  • cattle branding
  • lassoed my first calf!
  • biking in yellowstone (twice)
  • a rural duathlon (bike/run)
  • hired a coach
  • met william devane
  • horse pack trip in the backcountry with people i had never met (except for one person)
  • attended a french wedding
  • an overwhelming allergy attack in the backcountry 
  • attacked by a grouse
  • a chuck wagon dinner
  • ate moose, elk, and deer
  • designed a founder's retreat agenda for a bay area start-up
  • joined a food co-op
new skills (also all first time experiences)
  • skiing
  • snowshoeing 
  • cross country skiing
  • mountain biking
  • baking bread and bagels from scratch
  • making yogurt and granola
  • making kimchi (and other korean dishes)
  • brewing kick-you-awake pour over coffee
  • water coloring
  • resolving conflict with husband
animals i saw
  • saw my first grizzly (in captivity)
  • bison
  • moose
  • elk
  • wolf
  • deer
  • white tailed deer
  • pronghorn antelope
  • bighorn sheep
  • mountain goats
  • bald eagles
  • mountain blue birds
  • magpies
  • osprey
  • golden eagles
  • grouse
  • rocky mountain sheep
  • scottish highland cattle (my absolute favorite kinda cow!)
lifestyle experiments
  • reduced our life down to one car load, then slowly acquire what we needed for our new place
  • lived in my first rural town
  • completed artist's way
  • experiment: 30 days of drinking 3L of water/day
  • zero waste living (still pursuing)
passion pursuits 
  • got certified in wilderness first aid and cpr
  • started building a website to make wilderness backpacking simple for women
  • conducted user research interviews for said website
  • created a website for a bed & breakfast
choices made toward finding home
  • moved to ennis, montana on jan 1, 2014
  • moved to missoula, montana on oct 6, 2014
  • got a new drivers license for the state of montana
  • apartment hunting for three intensive days in missoula and found one
  • joy & billy get married
  • zack & sarah get married
  • jb & nino get married
  • my husband officiate his first wedding
  • all seasons of friday night lights and scandal in a relatively short period of time. (aka: binging!)
we hosted
  • messengers x2
  • mary chang
  • the first (and only) instameet in ennis, mt
  • sister alice
  • candice & matt 
  • six bike tourists in a span of seven days
  • my sister, lily, lydia, and mom
  • a neighborly get together in our new town
  • jenny morgan
we were hosted by
  • the messengers (stevensville)
  • the kims x2 (san diego)
  • the chois (la)
  • paula (france)
  • torea & jeremy (sunnyvale)
  • mary chang (menlo park)
  • mary carrera (san jose)
  • my momma (la)
  • chris murchison (sf)
  • all the amazing people during our pacific coast bike tour
new(ish) relationships formed
  • judy
  • the noacks
  • mel
  • the jarvis'
  • the maccalls
  • the lewtons
  • m&m
  • the messengers
  • folks from our church
  • vlad
  • brian/ollie
  • craig & melissa
and ordinary things
  • got my annual dental check-up
  • ate almost all my meals with my husband (that's about 1000 meals!)
  • took dozens & dozens & dozens of naps
  • spent countless days in my pajamas

you can see some pics from this year here.

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