Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 year end reflection questions

this is our second year as a married couple to partake in a couple hours of reflection on the last day of the year. i think we'll make this a family tradition. :) last year, there were a few too many questions, so i trimmed it down a bit and made it simpler. 

1. what went well in 2014? 
2. what did not go well in 2014? (thanks chris guillebeau for these two)
3. top 5 most significant events this year.
4. hardest thing to let go of.
5. what are you proud of? 
6. i felt most connected to God when...
7. i felt most alive when...
8. i felt most sucked out of life when...
9. one word to describe 2014
10. in 2014, I'm grateful for:

1. what are my intentions for 2015? 
2. what are my desires? 
3. what do I want to LOVE? 
4. what's one word to describe 2015?

write a letter to yourself for what you hope for in 2015. 

fold the paper up into an envelope, write your name on it and tuck it away to open at the end of 2015!

i hope your 2014 was well-lived: full of learning, growth, compassion, depth, hope, love & joy!
happy new year to you! 

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