Wednesday, June 18, 2014

day 35: san simeon state beach to grover beach

could my desire for burritos have gotten squelched from today's visit to taco temple? 

for now, the answer is yes! we ate so much because it was so good and the portions were so big!! thanks linda for the recommendation. we were not disappointed. my only regret is that i didn't take a photo. 

i'm observing that because we were soaring again today, i didn't take many pictures, nor notice a ton. it's not like when i'm inching along a hill. in those long instances, i can't help but notice all the details.
in uneventful news, we did eat a disappointing elevensies meal and then sampled a few cookies at the famous cookie shop in cayucos. but our minds were preoccupied with samuel's 2nd broken spoke. we rode off with our minds set on getting samuel to a bike shop.
(cool bike sign)
(see, we're in cayucos) 

the day ended with trying to figure out where we would stay for the night. after much discussion ranging from stealth camping, koa, to a motel, we (me, samuel, and m&m) ended up getting the cheapest motel: grover beach inn. it was poorly rated, cheap and small for four adults AND four adult bikes, but it had a shower and two beds and we were pretty happy about that. plus we negotiated the price down!
(who is samuel talking to? and that guy is evan. he's the one who suggested stealth camping...with FIVE people. sorry man. that is not going to happen.)
we ended up eating two large pizzas, doing laundry and passing out after a few bites of cookie. hahaha. 

tonight, i'm grateful to have a bed to sleep on. we don't need much, do we.

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  1. This whole trip is epic, but I've really been into the last week!

    I think I recognized Swanton Berry Farm in one of the Davenport pics---one of our favorite, "this is like another world" stops when we're in Santa Cruz for more than a day. Our friend/pastor ( goes to the hermitage once or twice a year, maybe more. I joke that it's where the deep people go for vacation.

    We were just camping at Morro Bay State Park last weekend, but stopped in at Sebastian's in San Simeon for lunch on the way. It's the first time I've ever seen cyclists with massive yellow panniers, so I felt like I knew what all these people were doing.

    AND. Trish and I stopped in at Brown Butter like, four years ago when they were down the block and just opening. My God Parents have a house in Cayucos and let us use it for our first anniversary. I had one of their (Brown Butter's) oatmeal raisin cookies a few months ago. Definitely "ARGMH SO GOOD" groan inducing.


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