Monday, June 16, 2014

day 34: new camaldoli hermitage (big sur) to san simeon state beach

i want to live moments in my life where i whisper to myself, "i will never forget this." i am feeling so much resonance with rick's passing comment during our very short interaction yesterday. 
our time at the hermitage was far more restful than we expected. samuel reported to me that he read for an hour and a half in a big lounge-y chair while sipping a cup of tea before he fell into a slumber. that sounded perfect for him. 

we had a fast and easy 45 miles today. the wind was at our backs and we flew through our route. 
elephant seals lines the beach at one point, but i thought all the spectators were a bit more humorous. i wonder what someone is thinking while staring at those blubberous seals. do they wish they could just lay there too? i sure do sometimes, but not today. today, i wanted to soar. so we did. 
(check out our tailwind, look at the flag)

although arriving at san simeon was a bit disappointing. no showers, no flushing toilets, only porta-potties piled high. blech. we had to bird bath it tonight. i felt a little awkward cleaning myself in view of anyone who wished to observe. namely, i felt a little heebie jeebie-ish because there were men in almost every direction. whatever...let them watch. this little bird needs her bath.

oh yeah! remember how i said i had a feeling we would see m&m again? well...we did! dillon arrived first (from big sur) and he said that m&m were probably pushing all the way to san simeon too. i took a lazy afternoon nap as the breeze massaged me to sleep, and woke up to a lot of cyclists setting up camp. what we thought was going to be a quiet evening turned into a full hike/bike site, hearty laughs and new cyclist friends. 

i have to say, it was kinda cool to have the first time sf to la cyclist (lucas) say, "wow, i want to do what you're doing!" with admiration. it must be what the perimeter riders feel when we talked to them in awe. lucas' response reminded me how epic our trip is, how we will never forget it.

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