Thursday, June 19, 2014

day 36: grover beach to refugio state beach

jamming down a huge (and our very last big) hill at upwards of 36mph was the BEST way to end the day. ...until we had to ride another nine miles. 
our day finally came to an end at 77 miles at refugio state beach because the campground host at gaviota state beach said it would be worth it to bike the extra miles. and it was. we had front row seats to the ocean view sunset. five-star restaurants can't even compare to our tortilla wraps and korean spicy noodles on a picnic table evening.
two and a half notable things happened today: 

1) while cycling through farm land, we came upon a crop i couldn't identify, covered in rows and rows of tenting. when i saw some pickers, i asked them what it was. they didn't speak english very well, but understood well enough to reply with, "morro." i didn't understand so she showed me the plastic clamshell and offered some, but there was a large and steep gully between us so we refused. just as we were about to ride off, she said in her broken english, "lady! ... lady!...." we looked back and she had filled the clamshell and was running towards us. i got off my bike and started trying to climb down the gully and she climbed up it. we laughed while trying and finally she tossed them up to me and told me they weren't washed. we thanked her for her generosity and rode off. it was special to eat that little clamshell of raspberries with m&m tonight.
2) i haven't put my feet in the ocean this entire trip until tonight. the ocean beckoned me in and i wouldn't refuse. i am truly in southern california now. inviting ocean water is a rare gift on the pacific coast! 
1/2) we shamelessly devoured two pounds of strawberries with lunch. they were spectacular!!!

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