Thursday, January 9, 2014

2013 year end reflection questions

on dec 31, my husband and i went to philz coffee to get one last cup (for me) and to spend a couple hours reflecting on the past year. we spent about two hours running through the following exercises that i pulled together, inspired by some online resources that i can't remember anymore. oops. hope this is helpful to you, as it was to us. 

take a minute to deeply breathe in & out
pray and ask God to be a part of your day

take 10 minutes to write down all the things you’re grateful for
*note: this time felt short! i would spend ~15 minutes next time

take 45 minutes to answer any or all of the questions below:
  • what are you proud of? 
  • what do you wish you did better on? 
  • what did you release? what still feels incomplete? 
  • what were your top 5 most significant events this year?
  • what were some fun things you did this year? 
  • what brought you joy? 
  • how am i different this year than last? 
  • if you had to pick one word to describe 2013, what would it be? 
  • how did your body change this year? 
  • what did you learn about your body? 
  • what was the hardest thing to let go of? 
  • when did you feel most connected to God? 
  • what lessons did you learn? 
  • are there people you wish you invested more time in? why? 
  • i felt most alive when…
  • i felt most sucked-out-of-life when…

take 10 minutes to list all the things you’d like to let go of. 
say “thank you” to each thing on your list & then say “bon voyage” to each item.

take a few minutes to breathe in & out. sit up straight, close your eyes, and focus on each breath. this is a time to transition 

take 15-20 minutes to reflect on the upcoming year:
  • name your intentions for the next year
  • what do you desire for this upcoming year? (anything goes! be specific!) (emotionally, mentally, physically, sexually, relationally, spiritually, in your relationship(s)….)
  • what word comes to mind when you think of 2014? 

take 20 minutes to write yourself a letter that you’ll open december 31st, 2014. 
tell yourself what you hope for. 
*note: it would've been interesting to instead, write a letter to the other person.

look at each other, and hold a gaze for one minute. express all the gratitude and love you possibly can, and express it through your eyes. no words. then end with an embrace.
*note: i set a timer for the minute, and this felt entirely too short! i would recommend 3 minutes. 

the end.

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