Sunday, November 20, 2011


lovely, aren't they?
i was talking to someone yesterday and they asked me if i make lists. i said yes. and while sitting there, i realized that my most recent journal is probably about 82% lists (and i'm only about 20 pages in)! the topic of my lists include: dreams, personal goals by end of 2011, portfolio content, photo ideas, blog posts, intentions for my recent chicago trip, experiences for year 29, and 75 answers to 108 questions of a self-inventory thing i'm doing.

anyway, the reason i bring this up is because there's a blog i really appreciate written by a friend, tony. he's a truth-seeking dad, husband, urban farmer, academic, hunter, geek!, cook, etc. he's also quite quirky as well as a manly man. he started blogging not too long ago and i resonate (or want to resonate) with the topics he writes about. he recently wrote a piece on starting a "stop-doing" list

for those of us who might struggle with wanting to do too much, i found it to be a helpful reminder to focus in on what's important - to cut out the frivolous stuff of life - in order to focus in on the real juicy stuff of life. 

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