Monday, November 21, 2011

28 lessons learned in year 28.

i'm turning 29 tomorrow and i've been feeling particularly reflective given that i'm about to enter my last year as a 20-something.
i learned a few things (or re-learned) (or had it drilled into my head this time around) this past year and thought i'd share my list.

1. be honest
2. choose vulnerability. be vigilant about this
3. fight for simplicity
4. leaving an interaction enlarged is a wonderful feeling; be someone who enlarges others
5. look at the data; break the cycle of inference
6. question certainty; it's an opportunity to wonder
7. practice gratitude every single day
8. don't shy away from structure and commitment; they can actually help create more freedom.
9. commit. go all in
10. be open, stay open
11. risk
12. if it really matters, try again & again & again & again
13. learn to say no if it's not important to you
14. pay close attention
15. follow your heart, always
16. don't strive to make something happen, let it unfold
17. live wholeheartedly
18. please, laugh at yourself
19. trust your gut
20. stay present to what you're feeling and feel it all the way through
21. love what you love
22. examine your values, especially the old dusty ones. take them off the shelf, blow off the dust and remember why you keep them there
23. stop comparing, stop it; it's the death of creativity
24. reach out to the people you want in your life, be intentional
25. say yesyesyes! especially to the things that both excite and scare the shit out of you.
26. your perspective, who you are and what you bring, is unique in all the world. 
27. stay engaged, no matter the outcome

28. i am beloved.


  1. Beautiful. I may use these as a personal manifesto for my 41st year! Thank you for sharing, and thank you for living such an intentional, reflective life.


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