Monday, November 7, 2011

chicago | never been

when my dear friend moved out to chicago a couple years ago for grad school, i remember saying to myself that i would go visit her at some point. well, that point has arrived!

i'm finally going to chicago nov 9-13! it'll be fantastic to catch up with the first person i met in college, who i felt like i could be completely my crazy-let-my-hair-loose self with (probably because she was the only other korean from so cal in that wild hippy santa cruz potpourri of folks). 

besides spending time with the dear friend, i'll be at the beckoning of lovely 11/11/11 event hosted by amy krouse rosenthal. i think i'll wear a yellow jacket to match her yellow umbrella, so if any of you plan on going, please say hello. everyone is welcome!

o, and ... i plan on checking out windy city crossfit. hope i actually make it to a class; it's always a little intimidating to visit a new crossfit gym.

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