Tuesday, November 8, 2011


i've been bird sitting this skittish beauty for the past six days. during that time, i noticed that: 

  • she has either impeccable vision or smell and can immediately identify if i have a carrot or fuyu persimmon in my hand
  • she bites very hard. ow.
  • from her seed mix, her first choice is dried fruit. in fact, her food looks tastier than human trail mix. what the heck?
  • she will make a commotion if there's fun being had and she's not involved
  • whistling piques her curiosity, and she tends to sing along
  • she's a very effective alarm clock when you least expect it
it's good for me to be responsible for a living creature (e.g. cats, chickens, small children) every so often... it helps me get me out of my head and slows me down while caring for others.

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