Monday, March 7, 2011

tedactive | intentions.

i only had three intentions going into tedactive. (call me an over-achiever, hehe.)

1. meet & connect with JR
2. meet & connect with amy krouse rosenthal
3. practice authenticity.

it's no fun trying to control situations, so i try to keep the flow pretty open allowing me to stay present (hence, not a lot of intentions). i'm happy to report that all of those intentions were met. i was a bit uncertain that i'd get a chance to meet JR, but there is always a way...even if for just four precious minutes.
post mind & heart are swirling with both an intensity and lightness. (hard to explain...& still processing.)

to start the post-ted decompression, saturday was spent almost entirely alone. late rising led to trail running up in the skyline ridge for an incredibly self-controlled six miles (i could've literally run all day if it wasn't only my second run back from the 4-month hiatus), reading, afternoon napping, dinner, piano-ing, and then sleep again. it was glorious.

lots more to share..

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