Tuesday, May 24, 2011


brene brown posted something today that i want to respond to: what is vulnerability? for me, right now, 
vulnerability is:
  • letting go
  • letting something in, being open to being changed
  • acceptance
  • taking a chance
  • strength
  • saying yes to the process
  • learning without judgement
  • experiencing grace and compassion
  • just being
vulnerability feels like:
  • craziness. hahaha
  • anxiety and insecurity
  • needing to be busy doing
  • loneliness
  • courage.
riding the wave of vulnerability is tumultuous; it totally brings out my insecurities. but once the sediments finally settle and i can see clearly again, i sense the depth of peace and joy that comes from choosing the very thing that makes me come undone. it's only after i ride the wave to shore that i can see how far it's brought me. meanwhile, the ride is both exhilarating and reason to be super aware & present, with both feet planted. 

1 comment:

  1. The idea of vulnerability is a big one. It's like taking all your armor off in the midst of your enemies.
    Thanks for posting this Liz.


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